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The eyes are the windows to the soul.  They tell more than words, and are certainly one of our most impressionable features. In the fast-paced, competitive society that we live in, women not only want, but need to make the best of their looks.  It is no wonder that the demand for permanent eyeliner is increasingly on the rise.

Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner

  • Perfect solution for saving more time and money on the daily dress-up routine
  • No more smudges, smears, or worn-off eyeliner
  • Great for women who are allergic to cosmetic products
  • Can correct or reshape the natural look of their eye.


Upper Liner: $800 and up

Lower Liner: $700

Touch-up : Upper $400 and up

For new clients it will not be considered a touch up

How Is It Done?

The looks that can be created with permanent eyeliner vary widely. Esther specializes in customizing her treatments for each individual. While some of us are drama queens, many prefer a more natural look.

  • A “lash enhancement” is a technique where a thin, crisp line is applied right at the lash line, allowing the natural beauty of one’s eye color and shape to be showcased to the highest potential.
  • If you prefer a more dramatic look, thicker lines and deeper colors may be the chosen path.  Two or more colors can be stacked or smudged, creating depth.

When considering permanent eyeliner, it is easy to understand the importance of putting your face in the hands of a true professional. Esther recognizes individual needs and custom blends pigment shades so that everyone can achieve the look they are seeking in order to make their eyes “pop.”

Whatever style you’re going for, the glorious part is that you will wake up, shower, exercise, sun, swim and go to bed looking your best! Contact us for a free consultation