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EB Classic Facial: $150 1h 15min

Custom treatment to suit your individual skincare needs and concerns after an assessment of your epidermis.

Express Dermaplaning: $75 40 mins

A highly effective and safe physical exfoliation that requires the use of a sterile surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skins surface. This will remove the top most layer of dead skin, along with fine hair (peach fuzz), and reveal perfectly smooth skin. A soothing mask or light treatment follows. (this treatment can be added to the EB classic Facial: $20).

Cold Light Therapy: $65 30mins

Intense light treatment to help alleviate and correct certain skincare concerns such as acne, rosacea, and photo-aging damage. (This express treatment might be suggested after your EB Classic Facial’s initial appointment to help progress your skin to where you desire).

Give yourself the pleasure of a renewed look and a vibrant skin by taking advantage of our specialized skin care line and the expert hands of our estheticians, Esther, and Yunisel. Results are visible and often dramatic.

Our treatments are designed to help your skin replenish and heal itself and provide you with the look of health and youth that nature intended.

We proudly carry Yon-Ka products for our aesthetic professional services.

Yon-Ka is the specialist and pioneer of personalized Aroma-Therapeutic Care. Yon-Ka draws from essential oils, fruit and plant extracts and marine active ingredients for a treasure of benefits that hold the secret to products with spectacular results. Today over 130 plants from all over the world are used in the composition of the Yon-Ka products. Yon-Ka professional spa treatments provide a visual response to the specific needs of each individual and to restore the skins vital energy and balance.