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Students new to permanent make up are recommended the two to three day training program, while more advanced artist are recommended the one to two day intensive.

To reserve your class a non refundable deposit will be paid consisting of $500.
3 Day Class: one-on-one $6,000
2 Day Class: one-on-one $4,500
1 Day Class: one-on-one $2,500

Two Days Group:

2 to 4 Students - $3,500 (Per Student)
5 to 10 Students - $3,100 (Per Student)

Payments are to be made in full two weeks prior to class date. Only certified checks, direct wire, or Visa will be accepted.

If working on live models you will require a Permanent or Temporary Artist License with the State of Florida. You will also be required to have passed your Blood Borne Pathogen Test.


Eyebrow Embroidery Training:

Eyebrow Embroidery Kit and Course Manual.

Hands on live model options.

Certificate of completion

Eyebrow Embroidery training is a technique with hand tools only, which will be provided in the kit.

Perfect Brows by Yuni: ( Wax and Tin ting )

$1,000 One on One

$800 Two on One.

Includes Brow kit and course manual.
Hands on models.

Certificate of completion.